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Since 1985, we’ve specialized in producing handmade leather belts—instilling care, passion, and appreciation for artisan craft into every single design.

In 2019, we decided to listen to our hearts—to let our values redirect our course—and FAP ITALIA VEGAN was born.

The new line of products preserves our notable level of luxury while maintaining our ever-growing values of sustainability, transparency, and ethics. Every product is 100% Made In Italy, 100% animal and cruelty-free, and 100% traceable throughout the entire supply chain.

Every step of the production process and every touchpoint of the customer experience has been reimagined—infusing sustainable & ethical policies into every decision—from raw material selection to brand collaborations and beyond.

30 years of experience, evolving values, and continuous adaptations have lent us the opportunity to redefine the world of luxury leather—to uphold high standards of environmental resiliency, workers’ rights, and animal protection—embodying the personal beliefs of our founders, Paola and Giorgio.

The result is a stunning curation of biobased, eco-cool VEGAN belts that emulate the quality, durability, and elegance of leather—and an imaginative production process that is purely and authentically Italian.


Our vision is to utilize avant-garde techniques and the GREENEST raw materials available to produce high-quality, handmade VEGAN belts that match, if not surpass, the look & feel of luxury leather. Our techniques simultaneously reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the second and third most polluting industries in the world: THE FASHION AND MEAT INDUSTRIES.

Our mission is to continuously INNOVATE to create a better world for all and REINVENT ourselves to ensure we leave the smallest possible trace on the planet. This translates into new company systems that REIMAGINE every component of the supply chain—infusing sustainable & ethical practices at every stage from raw material selection to waste diversion to banking.

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Who We Are


  • KINDNESS TO ALL: including the planet, people, and animal 

  • ETHICS: every step of the way

  • EQUITY: empowering artisans all over the world

  • SUSTAINABILITY: for the planet, people, and economy

  • TRANSPARENCY: throughout the entire supply chain

Core Vaues



  • Awarded “BEST COLLECTION of ‘Made in Italy’ Belts and Leather Goods” and “BEST INSTALLATION” at MIPEL, the most eminent leather & fashion accessory showcase that takes place in Milan.



  • Selected by the Italian Consulate in Seoul, South Korea, to attend the prestigious “MASTERPIECE of ITALY” event,


  • Selected to give an interview on Italian COMPANIES of EXCELLENCE and success stories in FEMALE ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

  • Awarded “COMPANY OF EXCELLENCE” in Lombardy in the Fashion and Design category.

  • Awarded “GROWTH CHAMPION 2020” for increasing our turnover by 27.3% in the four-year period from 2015-2018.

  • Selected as a “STAR COMPANY” for achieving substantial increases and investments over the last three years.

  • Selected as a guest speaker at the MILAN FASHION GLOBAL SUMMIT 2019, an event that gathers key players in the fashion world offers a unique perspective in the world of luxury goods and spotlights change-makers in the industry.



  • Showcased in the prestigious “100 TOP PRODUCTS 2020” for our hand-painted belts.

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